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About me


Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Alan Blunden. I was born in North London and educated at Stationers Company's Grammar School.

I am now retired and living in Bishops Stortford.

I have a number of interests; writing comic poetry and studying the works of William Shakespeare, are the two to which I devote most time.

I am a member of the Harlow Writers: a group of people who gather each Thursday at Moot House in Harlow, Essex. It's a friendly group, which gives helpful advice to both new and old members.

I recently published a book, containing a rhyming synopsis for each of the Bard's thirty-seven plays, details of which can be found on the 'Shop' page.

A large portion (approximately 70%) of the money raised will be donated to the charity Grove Cottage (Mencap).

I am also inviting visitors to my site to take part in the 'authorship debate.'

I have firm views about this, maybe you have too.

I would also be interested to know what you love or hate, about the works of the Bard.

You can contact me by leaving a message on my Facebook page or by email at a.blunden@talktalk.net, using either prose or verse. No more than ten lines, please. (Rhyming couplets would be good!)